Pastor's Wife - Jennifer "Waller" Warner


Jennifer is an exciting, Holy Ghost filled Woman of God. She is Pastor Warner's main support and Prayer Warrior. Jennifer is very active in the church as the Worship Director, WM's Leader, and helps in every way possible. Currently, Jennifer is the Associate Director of Cadence Daycare in the Carolina Forest area of Myrtle Beach. She is a great Mother of her children and Grandmother of her grandchildren. Her family truly calls her blessed and highly favored.

Deacon - Paul Barber
 Paul is one of three Deacons here at Myrtle Beach Assembly. He has served in this capacity for a few years and is very faithful in his duties. He is the Secretary of our Church Board and we are very appreciative of his devotion to God and to Myrtle Beach Assembly. He is married to Dolorus.

Deacon - Clare Erikson
 Clare is another Deacon on the Board of Myrtle Beach Assembly. She has served in this capacity more than once and does an excellent job. Clare also is an excellent Worship Leader, Musician, and Adult Sunday School Teacher. 

Deacon - Roger Doyle
Roger is also an experienced Board Member of Myrtle Beach Assembly. He is very devoted to his Lord and the church. You may "hear" Roger as he sounds his shofar far and wide in his service to God.  

Pastor - Michael Warner


Pastor Warner has been the Pastor of Myrtle Beach Assembly for the past 10 years. He has been married to Jennifer for 35 years. They have three children -- David, Heather, and Aaron. David is married to Roxanne and they have two boys, Zak and Isaiah. They reside in the Myrtle Beach community. Heather is married to Shane Sanchez. They live in Atlanta, Georgia. They have three boys and a little girl on the way. Their boys names are Asher, Oliver, and Elliott. Shane is an Associate Minister on staff at a large church in the Atlanta area. Aaron is married to Mara and they reside in Illinois. Aaron is the Associate Pastor of New Vision Church in Decatur, Illinois. They are transitioning to rural life not far from Decatur and are enjoying the blessings of our Lord in many ways.
Pastor Warner holds a bachelor degree in Religious Studies  from Oakland City University, Oakland City, Indiana and currently working towards a Masters Degree in Divinity from Omega Christian Seminary, Swartz, LA.  Pastor Warner has been in the ministry for over 30 years and have pastored 5 different churches. Pastor Warner also enjoys a strong schedule in the local community school system as a Paraprofessional Special Education Aide. He has worked in local schools in various capacities through the last 20 years.