Children and Youth Ministries

As a small church, this part of our ministry has a lot of room for growth and development but you are certainly invited. We envision a very lively ministry full of young people of all ages enjoying good Christian fellowship with other young people of like faith. Many activities will be planned and enjoyed by all. 

Men's Ministry

 Men's Ministry at  Myrtle Beach Assembly of God Church will be including in the future the following:
* Saturday morning Men's Breakfast
* Work days at the church, normally a Saturday
* Various outreach opportunities throughout the community
* Fun times together such as miniature golf, bowling, fishing, etc.
The Bulletin part of this website, in the future, will list when and where these activities will occur. Please allow this communication be your formal invitation to any or all of these  events. 

Prayer Ministry

Prayer is certainly a very important part of the Christian Life and then of course the Life of His local body as well. We encourage every person to pray every day and in all different kinds of praying. You will be blessed as you do. Please pay attention to this website and the Bulletin Section concerning future days of prayer.  

Women's Ministry

 A very special invitation is  given to all women of Myrtle Beach Assembly and all of the Greater Myrtle Beach Area to attend Women's Bible Studies, special Women's Activities and anything else our Women may be doing in their service to the Lord. You will find the Bulletin Section of our website an excellent place to find the details concerning these great events.